Pardeshi wing commander

15 March 2020

Case of 77 yrs male on reported ,03 march 2020.

Chief complaints;

Loose stool with indigestion food since 40 yrs ,whatever eat  same thing come ,grape tomato’ skin, ladies finger seed come like with flatuancy more to pass the flatunacy  he has to go for and pass the stool it happen by evening .

No relief with allopathic medicine.

1. He developed hernia in left side.

2.he very jealously person and hatred person .

3. Indifercne to love to own family wife,

4 Agg evening 4-5pm

Appetite good

Stools satisfactory

Urine no co

Sleep good

Sweat normal

Altered disposition: no change

Case workout:

Psoric symptoms of patient’s disease:


In this patient, hernia left side is Concomitant or influenced organ symptom.

VIRHOM search:


Prim- stool indigestion

Live ;Lientery

One entries out of which symp no mmp china 501.

I felt most similar.


Prim: ×flatulence

Live :china : china   frequent discharge

One entries out of which symp no mmp china 418.

I felt most similar


Prim:flatunacy lientery

Live  : china undigestion

One entries out of which symp no mmp china 501

I felt most similar


Prim: indifference

Live:china insensibility

3 entries out of which symp no mmp china 105

I felt most similar


China was covering the spsoric symptoms ( his trouble symptoms is also on psoric symptoms) plus influenced part symptom ( concomittiant )

So selected china 0/1


Dose: 3 stroke 3 drop 3teaspoon  from first  glass of water



Date : 03-03-20

This is to certify that Mr. KOMALSINGH S PARDESHI ( Bsc) KOMALSINGH S PARDESHI KOMALSINGH S PARDESHI was prescribed the following homeopathic medicines as per the details given below:






No. of Days




10ml fractional dose


1 Week




1 Pill

3spoon/3 drop/3time x 15day

2 Weeks

Dispensing Date : 03-04-20

His appreciation letter to me

After 12 of day

He got relief from his ailment



Dr Harke Saahib ,

I have retired from Air Force as a Wing Commander .

For last 40 years I was having tremendous gasses problems motions more than 4/6 times a day .

I had given up hope of improving and had decided to live with it through rest of my life .

Fortunately I met Dr Harke at an Air Force function where he was felicitated for his admirable contributions to the society .

As per his advice I visited him .

He studied my case for more than two hours .

He empathised on my mental attitude while was hurting me and my wife too.

He advised me not to be jealous of close relatives and not to hate them .

Bless them with success happiness and peace in life .

He also advised me not to nag my wife continuously for not walking and watching television .

Since I am from Air Force I followed him advice fully .


To my great surprise I am completely relieved of gasses .

I go for motion only twice a day .

My digestion has improved .

My wife has started going for walk daily in the evening on her own.

She has improved her fitness level. 


It’s a great achievement for both of us 

I am in daily touch with Dr Harke on WhatsApp .

I wish him great success and happiness in treating more people in life .

Thank you very much .

Komal Pardeshi 

Wing commander