Spine Degeneration, Osteoporosis of bone & Osteoporosis of Spine Lumbar & Cervical

19 May 2019
WITH BEST HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT IN LM POTENCY, WE HAVE TREATED SUCH CASES OF SPINAL COLUMN AND VERTEBRAL CHANGE IN OUR CLINICS. Homoeopathic Treatment for Lumbar Scoliosis. Case of Lumbar Spine Scoliosis. A lady of 55 yrs old having Complaint of Low backache and backache in General whole since 2 yrs , she was suffering from such. Because of such complaint she cannot bend forward , or lift any object of household things, and even she was unable to take out Water from well, even she was unable sit down in ground properly by cross leg , as much her complaint ever getting serious . For same complaints she had took Allopathic Medicine & Treatment from Orthopaedic Physician, they also gave Various types of Analgesic ( Painkillers ) , Calcium tablets, Vitamins tablet, even Vitamins D injection and Vitamin- D Tablets for same but still her lumbar spine pain & her suffering also not relief.
For some months she left all Medicine( Treatment) for few months & sat home, said let it be what happened she has to faced it all. After inquiring our Our “Shri Samarth Homoeopathic Clinic” her son approach to us told all her data. We told him to bring to our clinic, we did her latest Investigation , found Her Lumbar spine was changing her shape to side curve ( Lumbar Scoliosis) . We started Our HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINE in LM POTENCY in March 2019. She gave me regular follow every 15 day & finally this Video’s her narration of Complaints which was very better than before and she now was able to all his previous activity very easily. Thank you. Virgin Homeopathy Shri Samarth Homoeopathic Clinic Dr Sachin & Dr Archana Mestry