What is Virgin Homeopathy?

05 February 2020

          We all knows about Homeopathy. It's branch of medical science or mode of treatment which is harmless, useful in treating chroic diseases, takes long time to cure etc. etc. Homeopath you have visited is giving you medicated sweet pills to betaken at certain intervals. You are doubtful whether Homeopathy is useful in acute diseases like cough, diarrhoea, different types of fevers & infectious conditions. You may be doubtful, how can such small pills can cure big scaring diseases like Diabetes, Cancers, Autoiimune diseases, Organ failures.

         But what ever you may think as mentioned above is not full truth. Actually Dr. Samuel Hahnemann discovered & made the Homeopathy as perfect & complete medical science. We can not only cure chronic diseases burt also all the infectious diseases, fevers, all acute as well as emergency conditions without harm.

Homeopathy is only complete & can cure quickly if given in water doses. This was the last & perfected dosing as stated by founder. Also we can reduce the time of cure. that means its myth that Homeopathy takes long time to cure a disaese. Though these are small pills or few drops in water appearantly looks small, but that much mediceine is sufficient to cure any & every kind of diseases.

Virgin Homeopathy follows & teaches the perected method of Dr Hahnemann.