Virgin Homeopathy




Introduction to Virgin Homeopathy and its need; The importance of “The 6th Edition of Organon of Medicine” as a guiding book for understanding Dr. Hahnemann’s Vision of Homeopathic Principles & Curing Approach


Learning outcomes: Students will clearly understand -



A detailed study of different methods/ systems in Homeopathy; Their evolution, scope, and limitations; Which system to follow?


Learning outcomes: Students will get an understanding of -



Mistakes in Prescribing. Common Mistakes made during handling of Acute, Chronic, and Emergency cases.

Learning outcomes: This is one of the most important crucial modules of this course.



Homeopath as a Medical Observer; An ideal physician; Criteria/ approach to become an ‘Ideal Physician’; An understanding of Eternal Laws of Nature.  How much to rely on statistical data, medical research, interpreted knowledge from medical books that are taught in curriculum.

Learning outcomes: Here students will learn to

The main outcome will be that students will become a capable and efficient medical observer enabled with capabilities to analyze varied sources of data, research, medical books, etc., and their relevance strictly in terms of Dr. Hahnemann’s principles.



Understanding Dr. Hahnemann in his own perspective; Approach to study Dr. Hahnemann’s literature; Which books to read/ follow, and in what order; Protocol of Hahnemann with Diabetes Protocol

Learning outcomes: At the end of this module, students will



Case taking according to Dr. Hahnemann - Theory & Practice; How to analyze symptoms and grade them according to their importance; How to create a holistic picture of the disease for a patient.

Learning outcomes: At the end of this module,



Miasms; Anti-Miasmatic treatment (Anti-psoric, Anti-sycotic & Anti-syphilitic remedies); Significance of 492 symptoms & 48 Anti-psoric remedies; Chronic diseases; Handling weak & sensitive cases; Prevention of propagation of  hereditary diseases (Psora) Correcting disposition & tendencies

Learning outcomes: Most of our fellow Homeopaths (including previous legends and present-day stalwarts) didn’t quite understand and appreciate the extremely important concept of Miasms (and approach to their treatment), as told by Dr. Hahnemann. This module will help students to -



The process of Analysis and Synthesis; Chronological order of symptoms; Synthesis of case (Totality vs. State Similimum); Prescription base; What constitutes definitive data that can be used for selection of the right remedy? Characteristic symptoms, disposition & physiological action of remedies?

Learning outcomes: This module will help students to -


The science and art of repertorization; Steps to follow; How to narrow down to the correct group of remedies? Where to find the right rubrics? Which repertories are recommended for use? How to effectively translate what the patients says into repertory language?


Learning outcomes: This extremely important module will help students to -

Overall, after repertorization, students will be able to confirm obtained similimum with MMP and TCD.



Selection of suitable potency, dose & repetition; the significance of water-dosages and potencies; Why water potencies?

Learning outcomes: This module is one of the main pillars for a successful practitioner. By the end of this module, students will  -



Different types of prescriptions – Indisposition, Acute diseases, Genus epidemicus. Managing newly emerging epidemic diseases. Constitutional prescription. Organopathic prescription. Preventive Homeopathy. Psychological cases. Intermittent diseases & intermittent fevers. Emergencies. Abuse of Allopathic Medicines. One sided diseases, Vaccinosis?


Learning outcomes: This module is quite extensive, and by the end of this module, students will  -



Follow up & case management; The how and what of Intercurrent remedies. Here, this is important thing which must be managed by physician smartly. If you learn Virgin Homeopathy or Dr. Hahnemann method, then we are sure that you become capable the cases very simply no doubt.

Learning outcomes: This module is quite important, and by the end of this module, students will  -



Principles of Diet & regimen as indicated by Dr. Hahnemann; Obstacles to cure, (in light of modern-day lifestyle/ scenario)

Learning outcomes: This module is quite often overlooked. But given its importance, it forms a very crucial component of the course. By the end of this module, students will  -



Analysis and understanding of treatment approach using difficult case-studies.  

Learning outcomes: Students will learn  



Miscellaneous topics or any topics that came up during discussions and learning.

Learning outcomes: Students will -



Your JOURNEY of LEARNING will be COMPLETED after 15 modules.

This will be followed by CONVOCATION & CELEBRATIONS,

You will end (rather begin) your learning journey with the award of “a complete HAHENMANNIAN practitioner” who has gained excellent working knowledge of the principles of VIRGIN HOMEOPATHY both in a theoretical and practical sense.