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(Dr. Hahnemann’s almost Perfect, Correct, Complete & Easy-to-follow Method)

DATE: 2nd Sept 2018

TIME: 10am to 5pm

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  • Do you know that most of us are not following the guidelines of Dr. Hahnemann while treating acute conditions?

  • Are you scared of dealing with Acute conditions?

  • Do you know, ‘What is a Half Acute Miasm?’ And how to deal with such miasms?

  • Are you aware of specific acute conditions Dr. Hahnemann has advised against giving medicines?

  • What actually is ‘Disposition’? How to use the concept of Disposition while/ for treating Acute Conditions?

  • How to take case when dealing with Acute Conditions (as per Dr. Hahnemann)?

  • What should be the Dose Potency & Repetition in Acute Conditions/ disorders?

  • In which conditions, Dr. Hahnemann suggested Anti-pathic treatments.

  • What is the importance of Natural Diet & Natural Living in Acute Conditions?


It’s time we get aware of the right approach (i.e. CORRECT HAHNEMANNIAN way) to deal with Acute Conditions in the most effective manner (with the maximum results).

Although a Homeopathy practitioner has an important role to play in the cure and/or management of chronic illnesses, he/she should also be able to efficiently deal with diagnosis and management of acute conditions in his/her day to day clinical practice.

Acute conditions constitute a significant workload for Homeopaths. It is very important to note that patients also demand to be seen and treated quickly in such acute conditions.

The types of Acute conditions are vast. Although most acute conditions/ presentations are harmless in nature, some of these conditions can turn out to be serious and even pose a threat to the life of the patient. Only an expert Homeopath will be able to identify people whose acute illness can potentially turn into a serious condition if not treated properly. If a homeopath fails to detect and properly address acute conditions it could have devastating consequences for not only the patient but on the professional standing and reputation of the homeopath.

Given this context, the Virgin Homeopathy Team led by Dr. Dharmendra Chak is conducting a specialized One-Day Seminar that will solely focus on various aspects of Homeopathy Acute Care. The speakers of this seminar have over 13 years of clinical experience, and have an excellent understanding, experience, and perspective on how to deal with acute conditions.

The main objective of the seminar will be to provide a detailed context of acute conditions in light of Hahnemannian principles/literature. The topics in the seminar will present live case-studies which will help in understanding the philosophy and principles to be employed for treatment and management of acute conditions.

Seminar topics
1. What is Indisposition? How to deal with Indisposition?

2. What are Acute Diseases? What is a Half Acute Miasm? How to deal with such Miasms?

3. Principles to identify, correctly recognize, and differentiate between a “true acute condition” vs. an acute manifestation of a chronic condition

4. The right way of case-taking in an acute presentation

5. How to analyze, compose and organize the picture of “totality” in acute conditions

6. Methodology to understand the significance of each symptom and How to order symptoms as per their importance

7. Importance of ‘Disposition’ & ‘Exciting Cause’ in treating Acute Conditions.

8. Repertorization techniques for acute conditions

9. Efficient application of Materia Medica for common acute conditions

10. Principles of Dosage, potency and repetition for acute cases

11. Where did Dr. Hahnemann suggest Anti-pathic treatment & in what conditions.

12. Natural Diet & Natural Living in acute conditions

PLEASE BRING DR. HAHNEMANN’S BOOKS – ORGANON OF MEDICINE 6TH EDITION & THE CHRONIC DISEASES. This will help you verify (with proof) various aspects that are presented in the seminar.

You will also be given an opportunity to present and discuss case studies in which you faced/ are facing difficulty in cure/ management. The speakers will suggest ways of handling such cases in a Hahnemannian way.

Who should attend this seminar
1. Homeopaths who already have some experience but want to learn and add new skills especially for dealing with acute cases
2. Students of Homeopathy who want to benefit early by knowing, the learning, and interacting with the experienced speakers/ faculty and other experienced attendees.


Dr. Dharmendra Chak, BHMS, PGDIB (
DR. Yashwantrao Patil, BHMS, MD (
Dr. Nedhe Chakk. BHMS, MBA (

Date: September 2nd, 2018
Venue: MCCIA, Hadapsa, Pune, India
Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture
Plot No. 7, A/3
Hadapsar Industrial Estate, Hadapsar
Pune, Maharashtra, India – 411013

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